About me

The idea for NATUREbrush originated in 2018. I was wondering if there was a way to reduce plastic consumption in our world. Since I work in dentistry, the disposable plastic toothbrushes caught my eye. Everyone knows them and most have used them before. That's why I dealt intensively with the plastic problem and quickly realized that something had to be done - especially with single-use products. Because how can a product that is only used once be made from something that is virtually indestructible? I want to change that with my idea. We can certainly not save the whole world with the NATUREbrush, but we can contribute to it every day by reducing plastic waste and even more! Because when I was looking for the right product and of course tested it extensively, I noticed that the toothbrush can be used more than once. Due to its high quality, the NATUREbrush toothbrush can be used several times. This is of course not only good for our teeth, but also for our environment! From this idea, more environmentally friendly products have gradually emerged.

Thorsten Musch (CEO)