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Charity Project

in South Africa & Madagascar

Sie haben die Wahl!

Plastik vs. Bambus

The advantages of NATUREbrush

The NATUREbrush is intended to replace the traditional plastic disposable toothbrush. Besides this ecological advantage, the NATUREbrush has many more:

Tooth friendly

The NATUREbrush is comfortable for teeth and gums with its ergonomic and rounded bamboo handle. Thanks to the particularly strong attachment of the bristles, it is also ideal for those who wear braces.

Environmentally friendly

Of course, the main idea behind the NATUREbrush is environmental friendliness. With the bamboo handle you save over 95% of the plastic. This shows that you care about the environment, which is guaranteed to be appreciated by your patients / guests too!

Multi-use function

Due to its high quality, the NATUREbrush can be used multiple times. Perfect for the next vacation or anything else. This is not only good for our teeth, but also for the environment!

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Customer reviews

NATUREbrush convinced me completely! Great product, young, dynamic team, mega service. As head of the [fotzn'spanglerei] in Garmisch I am always looking for environmentally friendly alternatives to conventional offers. Our patients love the "cool bamboo toothbrushes", which are available here as disposable toothbrushes to take home afterwards! - please stay on the ball!
Petra Volz, dentist and founder of the [fotzn´spanglerei]
As one of the largest dental practices in Europe, we are sampled daily with many products. NATUREbrush immediately caught my attention: A high quality product that our patients here use every day (we welcome over 500 patients in our practice every day), ethical-ecological and absolutely satisfying - bull's eye! We immediately switched to the NATUREbrush. Our second practice in Potsdam is now part of it!
Dr. Stephan Ziegler, dentist and founder of the KU64

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