Welcome to NATUREbrush

The idea of NATUREbrush

For conventional single-use plastic toothbrushes the controversial resource mineral oil is processed. The extraction of mineral oil is a costly procedure and, because of the occurrence of numerous disasters, has come to be criticized. Apart from that, CO2 is released when plastic toothbrushes are made. After manufacturing, the toothbrushes are used a mere 80 seconds on average before being disposed of immediately. Only a part of these will be recycled, whereas the remaining material is incinerated or will even end up in the oceans. When the plastic toothbrush is incinerated, harmful CO2 is released once again. If it ends up in the oceans, it may take up to 500 years until the majority of the material has decomposed. Sure thing – the brush did its job and those teeth have been brushed, but is the toll those 80 seconds of toothbrushing take on nature justified? ​

Our answer is: No! That’s what we invented NATUREbrush for – the first single-use bamboo toothbrush with a multi-use option. With its bamboo handle and a smaller ecological footprint, it is even reusable. Indeed, you’ve understood correctly! The NATUREbrush toothbrush is here to replace the conventional single-use toothbrush made from 100% plastic, yet it may also be re-used as often as you like. Due to its high quality, toothbrushing does not only become more comfortable, but also eco-friendlier. The single-use toothbrush becomes a multi-use toothbrush. So plastic becomes bamboo and 80 seconds turn into multiple use. ​


The problem of plastic

Every German citizen uses 37.4kg of plastic every year. This equals 5.1 million tons yearly for the whole of Germany. That makes Germany come in third on a European scale. Worlwide, 8.3 billion tons of plastic have been produced since 1950. In the EU 85% of all drift litter is made up of plastic and half of this is made up from thrown-away single-use products. Depending on the product, plastic may take up to 500 years in order to decompose. 


The resource bamboo

Eco-friendly can be appealing, too! The resource bamboo is a good example for this. Due to its pleasant haptics and warmth, more and more people are delighted by this eco-friendly, natural material. A further reason for use presents itself in the fact that bamboo is 100% biodegradable. By switching out the plastic handle, resources like mineral oil are saved and a step towards saving the environment is made. Why do so many things have to be made from plastic when we have so many alternatives nowadays? Bamboo is one of the quickest re-growing resources found on our planet and is available in large quantities. Due to its fast growth, one can almost watch bamboo grow as it spurts up by up to one meter daily. In addition to that, no pesticides or fertilizers are used in growing the plant as bamboo itself has a high, natural resiliency. In conclusion, we think that bamboo is the perfect material for our NATUREbrush!


Recommended by dentists

Many think that a toothbrush is a toothbrush and that’s it – but sadly, it is not that easy. There are many differences among products when it comes to optimal toothbrushing. The strength, positioning and material of the bristles as well as the shape of the toothbrush come into play. That’s why we have had our toothbrush tested meticulously. Next to our ecological approach, we also put emphasis on the clear difference in quality compared to a single-use plastic toothbrush. Because of this, NATUREbrush can be reused without concern and does not need to be thrown away after one use. Find out more about this in the next part!


Multiple usability

Beside the eco-friendly bamboo handle, the prolonged usability of our product is its most unique feature. That’s why NATUREbrush is the first single-use toothbrush with a bamboo handle and multi-use possibility. Due to its high quality, this toothbrush can used as often as you like, beyond its initial one-time application. By making use of this possibility, one can lessen their ecological footprint on our planet and contribute to the protection of our environment. Apart from the use at dental practices, NATUREbrush is also perfect for hotels, cruise ships, holidays, festivals or as a commodity for guests. Look and see!


The perfect duo

In Germany alone, 480 million tubes of toothpaste made from plastic are thrown away every year. That is why in addition to our NATUREbrush toothbrush, we offer a vegan and eco-friendly toothpaste in the shape of a tablet. These are 100% plastic-free, organic and free from preservatives, consistency regulators and other unnecessary additives. The teeth are smoothly polished in a natural way with the aid of fine micro cellulose. This will not only enable teeth to shine but also produce a smooth surface plaque cannot cling to. When plaque build-up is prevented, so is the development of dental calculus and caries. The toothbrushing-tablets are shipped in environmental-friendly jars which afterwards may be recycled or can be re-purposed in other ways.

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